The Church
It remains the place to go if you have only one meal to eat in Stratford and want it to be a spectacular experience. - Toronto Star

Opening its' doors as a restaurant in 1975, the Church Restaurant has been a tradition in dining ever since. The philosophy of this establishment is quite clear; treat each ingredient with respect, treat each guest with sincerity, understand the vision and execute flawlessly.

The dedication to local and organic produce is an important focus of The Church Restaurant. Quality is not negotiable. In fact, should a fantastic ingredient present itself without notice, the kitchen is devoted to optimizing the opportunity while spontaneously indulging in a new addition to the menu!

The Church Restaurant takes great pride in the quality of the dining experience.

The menu evolving every six weeks speaks to the determination and innovation of the kitchen. The wine list is constantly reviewed in an effort to provide the ultimate wine pairing, enhancing each meticulously prepared dish. Whether a social night out or a romantic dinner for two, the service is customized to your individual needs. The attention of each member of this team is focused on the guest from the moment they arrive until the next time.

The historical importance of this building is felt immediately upon entering the restaurant and although it once was a place of worship, the peaceful, relaxed and inviting aroma are a direct reflection of Mark Craft, Proprietor, Robb Beavis, Restaurant Manager and their entire team. It is their greatest desire that each guest feel like their only guest!

The fact remains that you don't need a special event or celebration to come to The Church - the dining experience alone IS the event.
The Belfry
Your neighbourhood restaurant is now presented perfectly.

The Belfry opened its' doors in 1983 above The Church Restaurant; it fulfils its' intention of offering an alternate dining experience to guests. The cosmopolitan atmosphere delicately balances a contemporary feeling without compromising comfort and familiarity.

The menu offers a variety of mouth-watering dishes ranging from $6 - $19. But don't be fooled; the quality, creativity and execution of each dish redefines dining and promises to invigorate each of your senses. If simplicity is what you're after - our fries never tasted so good. For those with an adventurous palate, imagination is not lacking in the kitchen of The Belfry Restaurant. The menu diversifies every 8 weeks, granting enough to time to bond with your favourite while anxiously anticipating your next.

The Belfry experience is what you make of it. At meal time, relax with your favourite companion over a special bottle of wine; re-connect with your friends over cocktails and appetizers; or simply grab a bite to eat after a long day at work. The Belfry is your answer to the everyday question - what do I feel like tonight?

The Belfry: quality, ease, comfort and inspiration ...a new style of dining.
The Church

Tues. to Sat.
11:30 am to 1:30 pm last reservation
11:30 am to 1:30 pm last reservation

Tues. to Sat. 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm last reservation
Sunday 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm last reservation

The Belfry


5:00 pm to 8:30 pm last reservation

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